A Land of Danger…

The Legends of Tamar is a D&D 5th Edition campaign and setting made by my girlfriend and I. Set in the land of Tamar. Tamar exists in a world that is—largely—unmapped. The region itself only being one area roughly the size of northern Europe on a continent the size of Eurasia. Tamar is filled with kingdoms and city-states, as well as the remains of two ancient empires that have each still suffer the fallout of a  in various ways from a millennium old war.

The following core assumptions guide the campaign world and the stories told in it.<meta />

MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE BUT POORLY UNDERSTOOD. There are arcane colleges, but wizards are rare. Most magic items are relics from a time when the art of Enchanting was more common but a rare few individuals—usually powerful magic-users—can still perform the act today; their crafts are extremely prized and worth a size able fortune. Magic potions—such as healing draughts and the like—are more common, but only in the larger cities.

DEATH IS OFTEN A PERMANENT AFFAIR. The realms of the afterlife are not easily connected to the material plane and magic users with the power to breach these realms and break the laws that govern them are rare; and when it is cast, such magic is arduous to cast and oft reap a terrible toll on those they resurrect. If they succeed at all.

THE BORDERLANDS ARE WILD. The lands that exist within the realms of the world’s nations are relatively tamed—though the wilderness outside the boundaries of cities is still somewhat dangerous. Outside these borders however, the land has largely been reclaimed by nature since the fall of the old empires that claimed them. Travel between these pockets of civilization is uncommon for the average person; and most news or stories are garnered from travelers or merchants.

CONFLICT SHAPES HISTORY. The inhabitants of the world are driven by desires—greed, lust, pride, etcetera—and often engage in conflict to achieve such drives. As with real life, the various nations often squabble and war over mundane things such as land, honor, or resources. Rarely these conflicts occur when the noble and just stand to oppose a truly evil force; but these events are few and far in between. Such conflicts shape the world’s history and—when the rare few occur—give rise to legends.

THE WORLD IS ANCIENT. More than a few empires have risen and fallen across time. Each leaving its mark on the history and lands of the world. The ruins of such ancient places lay dormant in the wilderness, stand reused in the modern settlements, or languish forgotten in the dark places of the world.

THE GODS ARE DISTANT, BUT PRESENT. The gods of the world are almost unambiguously real. Their followers proclaim their teachings widely and receive powerful abilities in return for faith. Rarely, in times of great strife, the gods themselves have been said to descend to the mortal plain to aid their followers. All such stories are legends however, and to most the gods are merely a comforting presence to guide and guard oneself and interaction is often one sided or cryptic.

House Rules

Legends of Tamar

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